• Kottayam Style Choora curry, Tuna curry in kottayam style
    • 46.6 K
  • Nadan Mutton Curry
    • 45.2 K
  • Malabar style Dum Chicken Biriyani
    • 36.3 K
  • Kerala style Beef Achar, Beef Pickle
    • 28.8 K
  • Malabar koottu curry
    • 26.2 K

About Kothamally

Kothamally is an on-line recipe corner, mainly concentrated on Indian dishes, especially South Indian recipes. You can also find some North Indian, Chinese, Continental and Baking recipes.

‘Kothamally’ is the regional term of ‘Coriander’ in the southern part of India especially in Kerala, Karnataka and Tamilnadu. Its an aromatic plant, mainly used as a condiment for its medicinal properties as well as for culinary purposes as spice. Coriander leaves are also extensively used for culinary purposes.

About Me

I am an IT professional and currently residing in Trivandrum – capital city of Gods Own Country – Kerala. Like all other IT professional I am also busy all the weekdays, but during weekends I like to experiment the dishes which I have noticed in cookery shows or magazines.

Before marriage, only occasionally I helped my mother, either in chopping vegetables or in making chappathi’s which is our favorite dinner. But after marriage situations changed. Me and my husband, both new to cooking, wondered in kitchen what to cook and more than that how to cook :). Thanks to those great scientists who invented mobile phones….and thanks to our mom’s who showed the patience to detail us every recipe.

Though still a learner in the art of cooking, through this site I want to give some confidence to all those beginners in self cooking. In this site, I have included only those recipes which I have experimented in my kitchen. All the posted recipes are also tested 🙂

Please feel free to give us your suggestions, and your valuable feedback are always welcomed….

Happy Cooking

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